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Home | Wednesday 15 July 2020
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24 Meg 24 meg broadband is here...

I for one welcome BeThere & their 24Mbit service...
I pre-registered with Be Unlimited a few...
I am signed up to bethere 24 meg broadband and they...

I for one welcome BeThere & their 24Mbit service to the UK market. Many of my friends from Stockholm have been making me green with envy at having this level of price/performance service for years. It is high time some new operators shook up the UK market; too many white elephants have left us artificially behind the technology curve.

I think Easynet are an excellent company; but everyone needs competition. BeThere are the same people who delivered the Stockholm 24Mbit service, so for my money actually have a stronger track-record than Easynet in walking the walk rather than talking the talk. Spin-doctors have a way of taking their downsides and turning into what sounds like upsides :)

Having said that, we use Easynet as corporate ISP, and are happy with them there. At home, I am hoping to migrate off the damn Bulldog 'service' to BeThere as soon as the LLU migration plans have been worked out. I really don't want to have to install a BT phone line again just to get off Bulldog!!

Talking of white elephants, that is an artificial barrier to consumers choice of provider. With the technology evolving so fast in VoIP these days I really don't see much point in paying BT or anyone else for POTS service. Sure; I'll pay for the copper-line (as an embedded part of the DSL cost), but don't make me pay a monthly 'service-fee' for something I don't want! As part of LLU, I would welcome regulatory pressure to let consumers make such choices. In practise today this isn't possible - to my knowledge you can't get ADSL from anyone without having a current POTS line. I believe the french (for once) are ahead of us in that respect.

I do understand why the POTS number is used - it is the easiest way for normal punters to identify the line going to their residence. However, I'm sure BT must have another way of identifying the actual copper-line pair going to our residences (probably something like exchange-number combined with line-pair number); surely this identifier could be exposed to the world at large? If BT were to be split up like British Gas were; the phone-line equivalent of Transco would be providing this service.

Closing remark: my mother, who lives in the sticks in Denmark, is about to have fiber optic cable pulled past her front-door. She lives in a small community of 150-200 people; 10km from nearest town. Small-town councils have obviously identified knowledge-workers as worth investing to retain as tax income sources.

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I pre-registered with Be Unlimited a few months ago, and then completely forgot about it. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from their MD, Dana Pressman. Dana and I worked on a little startup way way back ago when I was at Virgin and she was at Sapient, (before the boom, before the bust), and I haven’t seen her since.

I volunteered to be one of the first guinea pigs for the new service.

It turns out I was not only one of the first, but the actual FIRST. Their very first punter. I think this may make me the first person in the entire country with such a fat pipe, since to the best of my knowledge, the other providers have announced, but not launched, such a service.

Switching providers didn’t exactly go smoothly ( the fault of my existing provider shutting off connectivity too soon), but I’ve heard of people with far worse experiences with established players like Bulldog and BT, and you get a special kind of service when you enter at this stage (Faulty modem? one of our techies will come round later with a new one (and please can we take some pictures?)), but at about 6.30pm last night, I was up and running.

  • What’s it like?
  • Downstream: 18.6 Mbits/second
  • Upstream: 1.236 Mbits/second

I didn’t think it would make that much difference. But it’s actually really bloody excellent. After 20 minutes, I was utterly sold. Especially having decent upstream:

I’ve been saying for a while now that the providers’ models are all wrong. Most businesses (outside of certain media niches) don’t need SDSL (any large scale websites are hosted in a datacenter, and not on the office connectivity), but consumers are into P2P in a big way, are uploading massive files to flickr.com and everywhere else. As time goes on, the idea that most consumers are passive media sponges rather than distributors gets more and more broken, by the evidence. Let business have adsl, and give me as much upstream as you can.

We need decent upstream. I hope that Be shake up the market in a big way.

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I am signed up to bethere 24 meg broadband and they have finally sorted out their issues....i have had a good conection for 2 weeks now.so if anyone is thinking of signing up to be at their website bethere.co.uk or over the phone use me as a referee to get yourselves 1 month free connection.my mail address is teddy***seyoum***@msn.com..(remove asterix)...

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Hi people, just signed up to 24mb Bethere 24 meg broadband, wow is all i can say. I am recieving 18mb dowload and 1.3 upload, alot faster than my 1mb with Pipex for £23.99, they have lost my custom. Please use my email: nazooom@hotmail.com as a referrel to recieve a free months subscription for you and me.

I am with BE 24 meg broadband (www.bethere.co.uk). Fast, reliable, no bandwidth cap, splendid connection 24/7 and about 14Meg of download speeds overall(as I am a bit far from the exchange). Support doesn't cost me a penny because they have a local 0121 number for support and if you're receiving free national call credit on your phone package like meself it's absolutely free. I would rate them over 90% on all departments so far. And if you decide to sign up with them, why not why not save £54 or more? See below...

1) Sign up through Quidco to receive £24 cashback.

2) Use promotional code EXCHANGE100 before the 26th of May06 and pay only £20 a month for life and receive free connection. You can still use STUFF, POWERBE, VIVAREV OR VIVABE to receive a full month free should this not work.

3) Use my email address 24MEG@HUSH.COM as the referrer to receive £10 in cash by Personal Cheque, Bank transfer, Nochex or Moneybookers.

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