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Home | Tuesday 2 June 2020
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AOL Broadband GOLD up to 2MB Unlimited from £24.99

>> More about AOL Gold Broadband
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AOL Broadband SILVER up to 1MB Unlimited from £14.99

>> More about AOL Silver Broadband
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AOL Unlimited Dial Up £15.99 per Month No Call Charges

>> Read More about AOL Unlimited Dial Up
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AOL Broadband Platinum up to 8 Meg Unlimited from £29.99

>> More about AOL Platinum Broadband

AOL 8 meg Broadband Internet Deals

AOL 8 meg Broadband Internet Deals: No more messy cables, use your laptop anywhere around the home. Connect multiple PCs with home networking1 support. One FREE month when you order online. Unlimited time online, unlimited downloads. Download speeds from 2 to 8Mbps depending on where you live and technical factors such as the quality of your telephone line. Inclusive Safety and Security Centre with anti-virus scanning on emails, spam filters, spyware protection, Parental Controls and McAfee® Personal Firewall™ Plus. Online support at no extra cost. More about AOL broadband internet deals...

AOL - Silver Broadband Internet Deals

AOL - Gold Broadband Internet Deals

AOL - Platinum Broadband Internet Deals

AOL Broadband Internet Deals - Important Information

All AOL Broadband packages are subject to a minimum 12-month contract unless otherwise stated as part of a specific offer. Once you have agreed to the AOL Broadband Service Agreement and Installation Kit Agreement and your broadband connection has been enabled, we will upgrade you to the relevant broadband price plan. Your monthly subscription fees will be as follows: (i) £29.99 for AOL Broadband Platinum; (ii) £24.99 for AOL Broadband Gold; or (iii) £14.99 for AOL Broadband Silver. Proportionate daily charges apply from activation of your line to your first monthly payment date.

BT line required. All broadband products are subject to further terms and conditions, local availability and survey. Getting AOL Broadband will take approximately 14 days from placing your order.

AOL Broadband is not available for Apple Mac computers.

To order AOL Broadband, you must (i) be 18 years or over; (ii) register as an AOL member; (iii) provide credit card details. Offer may vary. To use the AOL service you are required to agree to the AOL Member Agreement in addition to the AOL Broadband Service Agreement and Installation Kit Agreement during the sign-up process. Additional charges will apply for your use of the AOL service where you (i) access AOL from outside the UK; (ii) use "premium services or areas" made available within AOL (which will be clearly marked as such); (iii) access AOL through the use of a standard telephone dial-up connection using an 0845 prefixed access number, (here, additional telephone charges apply); (iv) access AOL from other platforms - e.g. mobile phones or interactive television services. You have the right to cancel your AOL Broadband contract - this right is explained more fully in the agreements referred to above. The router offer applies where you subscribe to AOL Broadband and do not cancel your subscription within any statutory cooling-off period. If you decide to cancel, we may offer you the opportunity to remain an AOL member on our AOL Anytime price plan.