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Home | Tuesday 2 June 2020
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Pipex Broadband Go up to 8MB Unlimited from £9.99

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Pipex Broadband Start up to 2MB Download £14.99

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Pipex General Packages from £6.50:

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Pipex Broadband Max From £14.99

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Pipex 8 meg Broadband Internet Deals

Compare Pipex Broadband Prices: Speed Up to 8Mb. Free Usage Allowance: Unlimited. Free Webspace: 250MB. Broadband is fast - up to 8Mb - so you can view web pages, send e-mails and download information in a flash. With Pipex Voice and Broadband, you're getting your services from a company you can trust. We invest in creating the highest standards of customer support - did you know, as a Pipex home user, you're supported by the same people as work with our business customers? And that all our call centres are in the UK? More about Pipex broadband internet deals...

Compare Pipex Broadband Prices - Plug into Pipex Broadband

Broadband means a fantastic Internet experience for all the family. It opens the doors to so many exciting possibilities emerging from the online world and in everyday life.

Broadband is fast - up to 8Mb - so you can view web pages, send e-mails and download information in a flash. It's always on, and doesn't tie up your phone line, so you can make a phone call at the same time as using the Internet.

Keep in touch and share experiences

Whether it's for entertainment or business, the Internet brings people together. Broadband helps you share information, ideas and experiences. It not only makes e-mail faster but also gives you new ways to keep up with friends, family and business contacts with always-on Instant or Video Messaging or through sharing photographs and video.

The Internet helps you make more of your interests. You can find advice, tips and information on any subject or activity you care to imagine.

Simplify your life

With fast, always-on broadband, life gets easier. You can do your banking online, pay bills, or order your weekly shop when it suits you. And, of course, the Internet is the world's library, so you can find out almost anything within seconds - research coursework, a guitar chord, best buys, improving your tennis backhand, a computer game's secret level, family trees...

Have fun!

Stream music and video, enjoy Internet radio stations from all over the world, write a blog or become an online gaming champion. And, with Pipex Max, you can download with confidence with an uncapped service - all you can eat broadband, streaming and downloads for just £14.99 a month, when you take the Pipex Anytime call plan.

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