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Home | Wednesday 15 July 2020
Broadband Internet Deals

Line Speed Test

Below you can access a link to test the speed of your broadband connection. In order for the speed test to work effectively note that:

Upon following the link and using the speed test: If you receive the message "Unable to connect, please try again later.", you may be running a firewall or a network configuration which is preventing the tester from connecting. If your Internet access is restricted via a web proxy server only, you will not be able to run this test.

In order for the speed test to work, please ensure than TCP port 8095 is not blocked on your computer or firewall.

To use this broadband speed test, you must have Java installed and enabled.

BE 24 Meg Broadband: bethere.co.uk

Unleash the power of 24 meg broadband from just £14, with a free wireless modem.

Staggeringly fast broadband from Be gives you up to 24 meg download speeds, 24/7 member support and a free high-specification wireless modem – all from an unbelievable £14 a month.

Be is the first UK Broadband Internet service provider (ISP) to deliver the awesome power of up to 24 meg broadband. With download speeds up to a staggering 24 meg and upload speeds up to a record-breaking 1.3 meg, this is super-fast broadband as you've dreamt it could be: unlimited usage, a free high specification wireless modem and, of course, always-on connection.

It’s the biggest leap since you left dial-up. Harness the power of ADSL2+ technology and experience the future of broadband, today with Be. See it for yourself at bethere.co.uk